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Bloodhound LSR is a UK-based project aiming to break the world land speed record using the most advanced straight-line racing car ever built.

Dr Ben Evans, who sits on the design team for the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project, will give a fascinating insight into the highs and lows of developing the fastest car on Earth, and how advances in engineering design and pioneering new technologies should enable the team to set a new world land speed record in excess of 800 mph.

“We are now extremely confident that the car is capable of speeds in excess of the current record (763 mph)…. The big question will be how far we can push it beyond this!” - Dr Ben Evans

Biography - Dr Ben Evans

A picture of Dr Evans holding a model of Bloodhound.

Dr Evans grew up in Swansea, and studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, before returning to do his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University.

Today he is an Associate Professor in Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University, and sits on the design team for the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project with responsibilities for aerodynamic modelling.

Dr Evans's research interests range from computational shape optimisation and high-speed aerodynamic modelling to molecular gas dynamics simulation, and he has worked with companies including Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Reaction Engines.

Read more about Dr Evans, the Bloodhound LSR project, and his memories of Swansea University here.