With alumnus Dr George Johnson, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences at Swansea University.

Join Dr Johnson during Healthcare Science Week for an insight into his research on the causes of DNA damage. Also discover why your festive fare might not be as wholesome as you think!

Biography - Dr George Johnson

A picture of Dr George Johnson.

Dr. George Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Life Science at Swansea University. George lectures on genetics and carries out research into safety of pharmaceuticals, along with environmental and food borne chemicals.

His main area of expertise is looking at the levels of cancer causing substances, and ensuring that the human population is exposed to low enough levels, where their cells and organs can cope with the low damage. He leads numerous global expert groups consisting of industrial scientists and directors, government regulatory experts and academics and has recently become an expert on the Committee of Mutagenicity within the Department of Health. He is also currently the president of the European Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society.