With Michael W. Thomas, Swansea graduate and renowned author, poet, dramatist and musician.

Join Michael on an exploration of the English language, from fascinating and quirky angles, discovering how it came to be the language we know and use today. He’ll also explore the language’s flexibility: for example, in the context of speeches and presentations – and even particularly memorable turns of poetry. A detailed and colourful snapshot of the evolution and use of the modern English language. Not to be missed!

Michael W.Thomas

Biography – Michael W. Thomas

Michael W. Thomas graduated from Swansea University in 1975 with a BA (Honours) in English. He moved to Canada, where he undertook postgraduate work in English Literature and also lectured at universities in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Having gained an MA and PhD in English Literature, he returned to England, where he lectured at several institutions (most recently Newman University, Birmingham) and began to publish his own work. Currently he is an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. He is the author of twelve books – poetry, novels, short fiction – as well as articles on topics ranging from popular culture to Irish Literature. He reviews for such titles as The Times Literary Supplement.