We Care – Supporting Student Carers to succeed at Swansea University

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Are you a Student Carer?

What support is available?

Going to university can be particularly challenging for student carers, as juggling external responsibilities with studies can be difficult to manage.

Swansea University recognises that Students with Caring Responsibilities may need additional support as well as additional practical considerations because of the impact their caring repsonsbilities can have on their studies.

Swansea University is committed to supporting student carers and offers a support package as well as a passport to those who are eligible.

The Student Carers Support Package

The Student Carers Support Package has been designed with student carers and local carers associations to offer financial, practical and pastoral support to enable student carers to get the most out of their university experience at Swansea.

Student Carers Passport

The Carer’s Passport is a simple tool to coordinate and connect the support available for student carers via a ‘University wide’ approach. This will reduce the need for students to continuously explain their circumstances to faculty staff, know what support to expect and how to access it, and empower carers to request support when required.

The carers passport is designed to facilitate academic support i.e Academic adjustments/considerations. It is to support students with caring responsibilities to reach their full potential regardless of their responsibilities at home.


Students are welcome to apply for the Support package as well as a Student Carers Passport.

Accessing Carers Support

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