Working in partnership with Kidney Wales, Swansea University’s School of Health and Social Care has established the Centre for Life Ethics and Organ Donation. Wales has a proud history of promoting organ donation in the United Kingdom and across the World and The Centre will have a local, national and international outlook.

Our Vision for Life Ethics

To engage in global ethical debates in the field of Life Ethics and Organ Donation that will inform legislation, policies, protocols, procedures, and directives across the globe.

Our Mission for Life Ethics

  • To engage in world class ethical discussion, debates and research on life ethics and organ donation
  • To create a repository of information available to all
  • To participate in policy discussions that creates a world that promotes dignity, respect and freedom

Our Purpose for Life Ethics

  • To develop and deliver innovative programmes that focus on life ethics and organ donation
  • To collaborate with other developing and developed global ethicists on training and research projects
  • To act as an advisory body to health providers and NGOs on ethical and/or policy matters on the allocation and selection of organs for transplant, including resource allocation, rationing of health care services and monitoring standards of care for the ethical practice of the caring professions
  • To bring interested parties together, creating the space for open and honest conversations on matters of life ethics and organ donation
  • To build the skills and capacity of people to live and act according to their values and principles


Looking Forward in an International context

The Centre is establishing International links with Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and India and in July 2020, a Global Symposium will be held to form a Global Centre for Life Ethics and Organ Donation.