Use this section to plan your travel from entering the UK up to your arrival at Swansea University. You will find useful information to help you navigate the journey from the airport, advice on getting through UK Customs and using Swansea's public transport system to get you to your destination. In order to assist you with planning your onward journey once you have reached the UK, alongside understanding the various housing options available- and guidance on seeking and securing short and longer term accommodation, we have a UK Travel and Accommodation: An International Student Guide

Entering the UK

Entering the UK for the first time or returning on a new visa? Check the information in this section so you know what to expect at the UK Border and what to prepare to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Travel to Swansea

Plan your travel to Swansea from your port of entry by checking the information in this section to ensure your journey is as easy as possible.

Public Transport in Swansea

Find information on public transport options in Swansea to help you get to the University once you've arrived in the city. 

Re-Entering the UK

Information for students re-entering and returning the UK after a period of absence.