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“Our theory has been applied to improve ‘whole health’ in various populations” - Professor Kemp

As we begin recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of wellbeing and its role in human health is brought to the forefront of research.

GENIAL Science is a collaborative research project between Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) and Swansea University, comprising academics, clinicians, PhD and MSc students.

Funded by Health and Care Research Wales, the project is committed to advancing wellbeing theory and practice and the team behind it has developed a framework to help understand and improve ‘whole health’.

Co-founder, Professor Andrew Kemp of Swansea University’s School of Psychology, explains:

"Society faces several major interrelated challenges, which have an increasingly profound impact on global health and it is incumbent on us in the university and research sector to work towards overcoming such challenges in order to promote individual, community and planetary health and wellbeing.

Through the GENIAL Science project, we have identified the importance of promoting wellbeing when seeking to improve health, especially in regards to people living with chronic conditions whose conditions must be managed, and for whom cure is seldom an option.

We have laid the foundations for a transdisciplinary scientific model of wellbeing that offers under-realised potential for promoting the ‘whole health’ of individuals, communities and nature, contextualised by many of the major challenges now facing humanity including the climate catastrophe."

This research has been published in the Global Advances in Health and Medicine journal and led to a prestigious Advancing Health Care award for Outstanding Contribution to Research Delivery.

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