Next generation of Point-of-Care diagnostic devices

Biovici Ltd, a Swansea based company, is currently developing the next generation of Point-of-Care diagnostic devices. Its mission is to develop proactive healthcare by providing Point-of-Care products and solutions that provide immediate results to enable healthcare providers to offer better patient management.

The company have been working in collaboration with Swansea University to develop a point of care sensor that can detect stress levels using a non-invasive method by sampling an individual’s saliva.

Swansea University’s Centre for NanoHealth have invented a biosensor chip and are developing a disposable strip in collaboration with Biovici that when saliva is applied, could instantly detect cortisol level present.

Prior to this technology, stress detection tests have involved taking a sample in a hospital or doctors surgery and then having the sample analysed or sent off to be analysed in a laboratory. The Stress Sensor will give a true picture of an individual’s stress levels almost immediately.

The Stress Sensor will allow individuals to monitor their own stress levels on a regular basis which is beneficial in order to prevent future health problems, as cortisol production can vary from person to person.

Dr Owen Guy, Centre for NanoHealth, “Our sensors have an inherently high surface to volume ratio – making them ideal for ultra-sensitive biosensing applications.”

Paul Morgan, Managing Director of Biovici, adds “Constant chronic high levels of Cortisol can have a serious impact on health from infertility to hypertension and obesity. The device will give the opportunity for individuals to have a specific measurement of the Stress Hormone in Virtual Real Time” For more information contact