male student in graduation cap and gown

Student Name: Jac Morris

Course: MSc Strategic Marketing

Where did you undertake the work placement?

The Wave: Monday
MGB PR: Tuesday and Wednesday
Swansea Football Club: Thursday and Friday

What was your working day like?

The Wave: The Wave is a Local Radio station that serves the Swansea Bay area of West Wales. Whilst here I shadowed different members of staff, sat through a marketing meeting and went into a recording booth.

MGB PR: Created a marketing strategy for one of their clients.

Swansea Football Club: Thursday, I went up to their training ground in Fairwood, met their media team, shadowed the journalist interviewing the captain, met the new signings as it was the day after deadline day, went for lunch in their canteen with the players and sat in the manager’s press conference.

Friday, I was at their marketing department in the stadium, and shadowed different staff members looking at graphics, retailing and brand protection, also had the chance to talk to the head of marketing and media.

What sort of support did you receive during your mentoring?

During the mentoring scheme, I was applying for graduate jobs and I was given advice on how to prepare such as writing down questions to ask instead of memorising them, researching stats to talk about in the interview and how to present and showcase my experiences.

What have been the best bits?

Being given the opportunity to visit Fairwood training ground, and be in awe of the players and facilities.

What skills you feel you have gained from mentoring?

Skills and techniques for an interview, as well as behaving with responsibility after coming in contact with people.

Have the opportunities and experience offered by the work placement had an impact on aspects of your life beyond work, for example increasing your self-confidence or social skills? 

It put me in an environment where I had to meet and interact with new people each day for the week, which is something I’ve never experienced before which I learnt to adapt to quickly.

Has this work experience shaped or changed your views on future graduate employment, if at all?

Mentoring taught me to think long term and not short term, and personal development is now my main priority.

Would you recommend this mentoring scheme?

Absolutely, didn’t expect the experience I had, but enjoyed and learnt so much from it.


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