Dr Kyle Jones

Dr Kyle Jones

Lecturer in Psychology, Psychology

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Welsh language proficiency

Fluent Welsh Speaker
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My area of expertise are dementia and cognitive psychology. I am primarily interested in mitigating the impact of cognitive decline as a result of pathology and aging and enhancing cognition in healthy adults. Currently my research has focused on the role of cognitive reserve, and beneficial effects of behavioural factors such as bilingualism.

As head of Welsh provision in the Psychology department, I am involved in the development and dissemination of learning materials in Welsh, ensuring that all Welsh speaking students have the opportunity to engage with their degree in the language they feel most comfortable. Additionally, I am the director of communications for the Swansea University Dementia Research Group. These roles facilitate my efforts to lower the barriers to entry for higher education and build bridges between academia and the wider community.

Bsc, Pscyhology, University of South Wales

Msc, Cognitive Neuroscience and Research Methods, Swansea University

PhD, Psychology, Swansea University

Areas Of Expertise

  • Dementia
  • Cognitive Reserve
  • Bilingualism / Language Processing
  • Complex Statistical Procedures
  • Computational Modelling
  • Bilingual Higher Education

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

As head of the Welsh provision program at Swansea University my main focus is in the development of bilingual materials and lectures. This is to support students to continue their education using the language in which they are most comfortable. I am primarily interested in modules involving statistics and research methods ensuring that students have a strong understanding of the core fundamentals of psychological study. 

Research Award Highlights