Huw Gwynn

Huw Gwynn

BA Welsh (With a Year in Industry)

I immediately felt at home when I came here on an open day, so I knew Swansea University was the best choice for me.

I've studied all kinds of modules from Professional Welsh to Political Singing. Having a variety of modules is great and helps me to broaden my skills. I particularly liked the Critical Skills module as I was forced to think differently.

The Welsh community is very close in Swansea. I lived in accommodation for Welsh speakers in my first year and have become close friends with many Welsh speakers. GymGym is going from strength to strength too, which is great to see. I've had the opportunity to be a social secretary for the Welsh Society which is a great experience. In addition, I received an internship as a Student Support Officer with Academi Hywel Teifi.

My experience so far has been great. I have met some amazing people and had invaluable experiences.